News:August 2014
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The Last Venue of Amore is available!
POSTED ON 07/08/14 20:30

The Sims 3 Store’s last new content is available now! It holds a special place in our hearts. As a creator of stories and magical places, The Last Venue of Amore brings to you an elegant Gondola ride with five different canal pieces and a host of Venetian-inspired décor for constructing your own romantic waterway

“Long, long ago, there was a beautiful city built on the sands of a charming ocean shore.  Sims often said it was built upon the love and passion of all those who resided there.  If only they also had built a stronger foundation than sand since much of the city was swept away with the tides.  Love still stands, however, amongst the waterways and awe-inspiring architecture of this, the Last Venue of Amore.”